Chimney Licious

A chimney roll is originally a Hungarian pastry that can be made sweet or savory. It is made of yeast dough that is cut in into strips and spun on baking cones...

King of Potato

Baked potatoes are one of the most popular street foods in Britain. When cooked right, a baked potato will have a delicious fluffy interior and an amazing crisp,..

Tornado Potato

Tornado Potato is a delicious, tasty treats and well known street food in Seoul, South Korea. The potato is spread into strange SPIRAL CUT skewered and deep fried...


About Us

Brictorian Oven is a fusion of two words, British and Victorian

" Brictorian oven was established in April 2015 with one goal in mind, to introduce the people of UAE to innovative down to earth food that draws a smile on every adult and child. With that in mind, we bring you Britain's finest street foods and sweet eats. One might ask, "What is Brictorian?" and the answer is very simple yet very rich in meaning. We use a traditional Victorian Oven. to deliver high quality delicious British foods, hence Brictorian. Food is not only a human necessity, food is fun and we dream of sharing that fun with you by letting you enjoy perfectly cooked food items brought to you from the streets of London and from around the world. Baked potatoes, chimney rolls and sweet frozen bananas are just the start. At Brictorian oven we consider life to be a restaurant and we cater for every taste and crave. Hire us to cater your next social event or attend one of ours, we promise that you will be pleasantly and deliciously surprised."





Providing food in an event can be a heavy burden on the shoulders of the hosts. Trust us to deliver catering services of the highest standards and don't worry about the space or the equipment needed to provide the food for your event. We are very flexible when it comes to space and timing because all of our equipment is easy to move and to install. We can operate in parks, work events, school/university gatherings, house parties and shopping malls. Ever since we started we have participated in a number of events including Modesh world at Dubai World Trade Centre, Games 15 in Dubai International Marine Club, Formula 1 Week in Abu Dhabi, Yasalam at the Corniche, Bikers Week in the Autodrome Dubai, Rugby 7s in Dubai. We also have Kiosk in Creek Park, currently running at Zabeel Park in Dubai Garden Glow and upcoming Kiosk in Barsha Pond Park.





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